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Home Ownership

As a home-buyer, it is important that you understand the various roles that Real Estate Agents serve in the State of Pennsylvania. These roles are outlined in the PA CONSUMER NOTICE. Please read the Consumer Notice to learn about what kinds of representation are available to you.

The following table offers some of the pros and cons of home ownership. There may also be other factors that effect your unique situation which you will need to consider:

Property builds equity Responsible for maintenance
Not dependent on landlord to maintain property Requires substantial down-payment
Sense of community, stability, and security Responsible for property taxes
Free to change decor and landscaping Possibility of foreclosure and loss of equity
Less mobility than renting
RENT Little or no responsibility for maintenance No tax benefits
Easier to move No equity is built up
No control over rent increases
Possibility of eviction, sale of the property or failure to renew