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Many of our properties are pet friendly!  On this page you’ll learn all about our pet policies, such as what pets might be permitted.  The page also includes special rules for pet owners.

Most landlords in the State College area simply do not allow pets– rejecting all pet owners in order to avoid the possibility of pet damage, pet odor, flea problems, and neighbor complaints.

At Park Forest Enterprises, we understand that there are many excellent tenants who have good pets.

We encourage the property owners that employ us to consider allowing certain pets. Not all properties on this website are pet friendly, but many of them are. Pet friendly properties are clearly marked with the paw-print icon in our search feature. Where pets are allowed, the following general pet policies apply. Specific properties may have additional rules or special restrictions, such as where cats are permitted, but not dogs.


  • Tenants with pets pay a $25 monthly Pet Fee.
  • The Pet Fee is for a single pet. Permission for a second pet requires payment of a second pet fee.
  • The maximum number of pets allowed is 2.
  • The monthly pet fee is additional pet rent, and is not escrowed or otherwise set aside to pay for pet damages.



  • Firstly, only adult dogs older than 1-year are permitted.  We do not allow puppies!
  • Secondly, only small breed dogs are permitted (50 lbs maximum).
  • Dogs must be spayed-neutered, licensed, immunized, supervised and leashed.
  • Tenant must immediately collect and properly dispose of dog waste.



  • Indoor cats only (cats may not roam freely outside).
  • Cats must be spayed-neutered and immunized.
  • Cats must use an indoor litter box.  The litter box must be kept clean.



  • Goldfish (and other small aquarium fish) are permitted, and do not require special permission. Tenants may have a goldfish without paying any pet fees.  However, large aquariums over 10 gallons are not permitted.
  • Birds will be considered on a case by case basis.
  • Sorry, but other mammals and reptiles are not permitted.
    • We do not permit ferrets, rabbits, chinchillas, pot bellied pigs, snakes, lizards, etc.



  • Firstly, tenants must treat all pets for fleas as preventative maintenance.
  • Secondly, tenants must not leave the property for more than 12 hours without arranging for alternative care for the pet.
  • In addition, tenants must make arrangements for pet care when maintenance or other employees need to enter.  This includes either crating a pet, or being present during inspections/repairs.
  • At the end of the lease, the landlord will professionally exterminate for fleas.  The cost of extermination will be deducted from the tenant’s security deposit.
  • Upon vacating the premises, tenant will thoroughly clean and remove all pet hairs.
  • As with all leases, the tenant is responsible for professionally steam cleaning carpets.  A copy of the receipt must be given to the landlord as proof.



  • Tenant is responsible for all damage to the leased premises.  This includes (but is not limited to) flooring, carpet, padding, doors, woodwork, and blinds. Additionally, this includes damage to areas outside your the specific apartment such as in hallways, lawns and flower beds.
  • The monthly pet fee is additional rent.  Pet fees are not escrowed or set aside to pay for damages caused by a pet.

Tudek Dog Park

State College has an area where dogs can play together safely off lead!

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