Park Forest Enterprises, Inc.

Property Management Services


We are a full-service property management company providing services such as:

  • Advertising and securing tenants for your property
  • Collection of rents and other assessments.
  • Supervision of employees at the property
  • Contact with tenants and owners in regard to complaints
  • Purchase of operating supplies and repairs
  • Consultation on major replacements, additions or remodeling
  • Negotiation of leases
  • Obtaining competitive bids on major repairs
  • Recommendations about rental rates
  • Preparation of operating budgets
  • Proper escrowing and administration of security deposits
  • Evaluating your investment property’s potential cash flow
  • Obtaining rental permits and keeping your property in compliance with local ordinances
  • Writing leases, collecting rents, and enforcing leases
  • Coordinating maintenance and repairs
  • Providing detailed reports for you records and tax preparation
  • Paying the property’s expenses including insurance, utilities, and even debt service